White River

Management Team


Jalen Johansen Head-shot

Jalen Johansen


In 2005 Jalen founded what was then Johansen Excavating, Inc.. Since then he has worked tirelessly to build a company and culture where people know that their individual contribution is not only valued, but greatly appreciated, and respected. Having grown up around the logging and construction industries Jalen has a deep appreciation and love for the men and women who help build not only our projects, but our company.     

Jacob Cimmer Head-shot

Jacob Cimmer

Vice President

Shane Webley Head-shot

Shane Webley

Vice President of Operations

Mike Dysert Head-shot

Mike Dysert

Project Manager

Jake Rudolph Head-shot

Jake Rudolph

Project Manager

Jake has spent the last 13 of his 19 years in this industry with Johansen. After studying Environmental Science at the University of Washington with hopes to have a career in wildlife conservation and ecological studies, he decided that benefiting the greater good of our area with housing and infrastructure was more in his interest. Jake enjoys working for a vibrant young company, building complex projects, and taking time to go hunting and fishing with his friends and family on the weekends. 

Steven Crandall, Sr.

Steven Crandall, Sr.

Project Manager

Working his way up from the Field to Johansen's newest Project Manger Steve has been in the industry for over 20 years, 5 being at JCC. Steve comes to work everyday with the most positive and productive attitude ready to build difficulty projects, dive deep into critical thinking, and be the leader for his team. He enjoys moving site to site being apart of the projects he is building and taking lunch breaks at the little hole in the wall restaurants near each new site. Outside of work Steve enjoys hanging out with his family on the lake, watching Seahawks games and playing video games with his kids.

Blake Richards Head-shot

Blake Richards

Financial Controller

With Roots in San Diego and the medical field Blake somehow found his way to Johansen about 4 years ago. His passion for accounting has helped the company grow with the additions of new software and his ownership in all things accounting. Much different then his background, Blake has found his home here at JCC because of his love for this ever growing and changing company, and being the go to guy for all things accounting. If he isn't at work you can find him shuttling his two boys around in his Subaru, or fishing and hunting on the Eastside.  

Anthony Berube

Anthony Berube

Safety/Health/Environmental Engineer

Rachel Johnson Head-shot

Rachel Johnson

Contract Administrator

Rachael Turner Head-shot

Rachael Turner

Human Resources Representative

Rachael went to Western WA to get a degree in Business and had no idea she would end up in the construction industry. She has fallen in love with the atmosphere, people and most importantly culture this industry and company provides. Having the opportunity to work with each and every person in the company and helping create the best working environment possible over the past 7 years is why she is a go to contact for everyone around here. Planning company events, updating social media with the latest jobsite photos, and planning trips to Disneyland are some of her mentionable favorites.  

Dean Burton Head-shot

Dean Burton

Chief Estimator

Dean Burton, or better known around here as Burt, has a passion for for bidding large scale private jobs then collaborating with his team to get the project built on time and on budget. Dean has been with Johansen successfully landing the company lots of projects for the last 3 years. Outside of landing "really cool" projects he enjoys mountain biking, and getting really involved in his kids middle school sports.