T-100: 5/18/19 weekend intersection work

T100-Hilltop Tacoma Link Extension

Johansen is proud to be working with the Walsh Construction Group, Sound Transit, and the City of Tacoma to perform water, sewer, and storm utility relocation and upgrade work associated with the T100-Hilltop Tacoma Link Extension project. This landmark project will eventually add passenger light rail upgrades to the historic downtown district of Tacoma. On the T100 project JCC is tasked with self-performing the installation of all wet utilities to include: 

  • Over 7,200 LF of new Sanitary Sewer Pipe
  • Over 10,100 LF of new Water Main 
  • Over 12,400 LF of new Storm Drainage Pipe
  • Over 275 different Precast SD/SS Manholes &/or Catch Basins 

The project location, soil conditions, and presence of numerous existing utilities are just a few of the challenges that the team has worked to overcome as we lead the way for light rail installation through downtown Tacoma. Multiple utility crews work tirelessly each day on various headings throughout the project to complete this important work for Sound Transit & the City of Tacoma.